EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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£158.00 £79.00
EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

EvoDental™ - Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

£158.00 £79.00
Product description


Any dental appliance that is not properly cleaned can become a breeding ground for bacteria, plaque, and other pathogens, posing a serious risk to wearers.

The EvoDental® Ultrasonic Cleaner is powered by the latest ultrasonic technology to ensure sparkling clean braces every time.



The Dental Pod uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves of 42,000 Hz to create millions of tiny bubbles through vibration. These bubbles expand and collapse rapidly, releasing a lot of energy and effectively removing dirt, bacteria, and plaque while sparing your dental equipment. This process, known as 'cavitation', takes place about 4,000 times per second and provides a thorough but brief cleaning.


Our scientists have specially designed the Dental Pod to clean a wide range of oral appliances, including all types of clear aligners, retainers (including those with metal), mouthguards, dentures, mouthguards (night guards), sleep apnea appliances, brush attachments and more.


Ultrasonic cleaners have been used in dental practice for more than 70 years. Here at EvoDental, we have deployed the most trusted and advanced ultrasound technology for specific use in the cleaning process of dental equipment.


  • Fill the EvoDental® Ultrasonic Cleaner with water and plug it into the socket. We supply a type C cable with your product so that you can easily connect it.
  • Place your dental appliance in the EvoDental® Ultrasonic Cleaner and close it.
  • Turn it on
  • with the on/off button.


Q. How does EvoDebtak work?

A. The EvoDental® Ultrasonic Cleaner uses ultrasonic waves at a high frequency of 42,000 Hz to vibrate the solution and produce millions of nanoscale bubbles. These bubbles expand and contract quickly, releasing a large amount of energy and effectively cleaning and removing dirt, bacteria and plaque while maintaining the integrity of your braces. This action, called 'cavitation', occurs an average of 4000 times per second, continuously cleaning all surfaces and areas, resulting in a short but thorough cleaning cycle.

The precise frequency required to achieve the optimal level of cavitation depends on the amount of water in the device and the size/material of the nozzle. Fortunately, the EvoDental® ultrasonic cleaner has a built-in dynamic feedback function that analyzes the contents and automatically sets the optimal frequency for ultrasonic cavitation cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is safe and reliable and has been widely used in laboratory, commercial, industrial and other sectors for decades. Trust EvoDental® for a state-of-the-art dental cleaning experience.

 Q. What can the EvoDental® Ultrasonic Cleaner clean?

A. The EvoDental® Ultrasonic Cleaner has been specially designed by our scientists in the UK to clean a wide range of dental appliances including all types of clear aligners, retainers (including those with metal parts), mouth guards, dentures, night guards, sleep apnea devices, brush heads and much more.

Q. Can I just use a sterilization tablet?

A. Simply using a cleaning tablet is a bit like brushing your teeth with toothpaste, but without a toothbrush. The tablets kill some of the bacteria on your braces, but the chemicals do not reach the deeper layers. The deeper bacteria and plaque remain behind, causing problems for your oral hygiene and making your braces cloudy and dirty.

Q. And cleaning with a toothbrush?

A. Toothbrushes cause abrasive damage to braces, leading to scratches, discomfort and a cloudy appearance. Additionally, a toothbrush doesn't clean every nook and cranny, leaving bacteria, plaque, and dirt on your mouthpiece.

Q. How do I connect the EvoDental Cleaner and what type of cable do I need?

A. We understand that ease of use of our product is essential and we are here to guide you every step of the way. When you receive your EvoDental® Ultrasonic Cleaner, you will find a Type C cable in the package. Connect this cable to the appropriate port on the product and to a power source. The Type C cable is a versatile and commonly used option, making it convenient and compatible with many standard electrical outlets.

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